How Smart Telematics Measures

Vehicle Performance

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Innovation is the means by which entrepreneurs exploit change as a opportunity for a different business or a different service.

NavResearch fills the void created by shifting strategies and consolidation within the telematics hardware and custom solutions industries. We develop custom Internet of Moving Things solutions. 

Our platform consists of state of the art (IoT) hardware with future proof, low-cost data communications technology and a scalable cloud-based backend solution. Utilizing the latest big data analytics tools and methodologies, combined with custom APIs and plugins, we’re enabling an infinite variety of use cases all controlled by our customizable web-based UI’s and HTA based mobile applications.

Of course we’re also still experts at Telematics 1.0 offerings and custom CAN gateway devices, especially those including remote start and ignition bypass functionality.

Whether you are a developer looking for a custom in-vehicle solutions partner to further your product goals, already have a device but need a flexible communications back end, mapping or data processing solutions, are an entrepreneur who needs automotive end to end product and connectivity expertise, or are simply in need of reliable MVNO/MVNE services, NavResearch has the products, services and answers you need to succeed.

By taking a fresh look at the convergence of telematics and the latest IoT developments, we’ve designed a flexible end to end “Internet of Moving Things” solution

Utilizing proprietary cutting edge tools and methods, we meet the automotive industry’s fast growing demand for connected car “Big Data” collection and analytics platforms

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